Motion stages
Single Axis Linear Motor Stages

1. Standard aluminum base
2. Driven by linear motor, the mover and stator operates without contact
3. Grating Positioning/Magnetic Grating Positioning
4. High precision, high acceleration, high moving speed
5. Zero backlash error
6. Repeatability accuracy up to ±2um (within any 500mm stroke)
7. Long stroke, the maximum stroke reaches more than 4m
8. Allows multiple independent movers on the same axis
9. The maximum moving speed is more than 5m
10. Quickly assemble to XY cross stages and gantry stages

Multi-axis Linear Motor Stages

1. The base is made of marble with modular design, good rigidity and good stability;

2. Adopt high-end linear motor and grating encoder;

3. Adopt an incremental optical scale feedback system;

4. Assemble to XY cross stages;

5. Repeat accuracy up to ±1um (within any stroke 500mm);

Custom Linear Motor Stages
1. It is customized motor stages;
2. Adopt an incremental optical scale feedback system;
3. It can be assembled to single-drive gantry stages, double-drive gantry stages, and static gantry stages;
4. Stable and consistent motion performance which can receive high efficiency;
5. The stroke, running speed and acceleration of each axis can be customized according to customer requirements;
Miniature Stages

1. Adopts an open structure, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance;

2. Built-in grating or magnetic grating feedback system, the resolution is 0.1um, 0.5um, 1um, 5um for optional;

3. Adopt moving magnet flat linear motor;

4. Repeat accuracy up to ±1um;

5. Small size and simple structure, which is suitable for light load and high precision occasions;

6. Quickly assemble to XY cross stages;

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