• Medical industry
    Medical industry
    Adopt frameless torque motor and iron core linear motor apply to medical industry Features: high precision, quiet, maintenance-free, which the market share of customer’s radiotherapy equipment is the largest in the world.
  • Display and semiconductor industry
    Display and semiconductor industry
    Adopt two-dimensional aluminum plate base linear motor stage apply to display and semiconductor industry; Features: Simple structure, good rigidity, the upper and lower axes have small strokes, small size, high-speed and high-precision movement.
  • Laser and processing industry
    Laser and processing industry
    Adopt dual-drive high precision marble motion stages, with modular design, small size, reliable and stable, convenient for rapid development of the whole Laser cutting metal plate equipment, and the double-layer protection structure effectively protects the internal parts of the linear motor stages from laser cutting dust, which can be widely apply to laser and processing industry.
  • Photovoltaic industry
    Photovoltaic industry
    Adopt high precision and high reliability iron core linear motor and ironless arc motor apply to photovoltaic industry
  • CNC machine industry
    CNC machine industry
    Adopt 8000N water-cooling flat-plate linear motors which widely apply to CNC machine industry National Science and Technology Major Project: High-speed gantry five-axis machining center Stroke: 5500mm*3000mm Load: 14 tons
  • Construction industry
    Construction industry
    Adopt 4 sets of 8000N water-cooling flat type linear motors with payload 50 tons in parallel, it is an active mass damping device driven by linear motor in Guangzhou Tower, which is the domestic initiative methods in construction industry.
  • Lithium battery new energy industry
    Lithium battery new energy industry
    Adopt natural-cooling iron core flat linear motor with multiple movers, long stroke, high speed, high reliability features, which apply to lithium battery new energy industry
  • 3C electronics industry
    3C electronics industry
    High-precision marble linear motor stages apply to 3C electronics industry Single-axis with four movers, which is suitable for multi-station operation equipment and can reduce the size of equipment; Horizontal straightness 0.01mm/500mm, vertical straightness 0.01mm/500mm, which mainly apply to camera assembly equipment with high straightness requirements.

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