Double-drive gantry marble linear motor stages
Double-drive gantry marble linear motor stages
Double-drive gantry marble linear motor stages

Multi-axis double-drive gantry marble motion stages


1. Adopt Han’s brand U-type linear motor and ACS high-performance control system;

2. The base and beam are made of marble, fixed gantry structure, strong load capacity and good stability;

3. It is suitable for precision inspection, printing plate making and other applications;

4. It can be customized high precision marble gantry stages and the Z axis can be expanded according to customer requirements.

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Product Detail

Products Name:  Multi-axis double-drive gantry marble motion stages(LMD Series)


Product Specifications  


X-axis (Lower axis)

Y-axis (crossbeam axis)

Stroke (mm)



Max.velocity (m/s)



Acceleration (g)



Repeat accuracy(μm)



PositionaI accuracy (μm)



Velocity fluctuation



Acceleration and deceleration vibration

Smooth without vibration

Smooth without vibration

Horizontal straightness (μm)



Vertical straightness (μm)



Load (kg)



X-Y Verticality (mm)



• Low-noise, and insulation of high temperature    

• Imported ACS, ELMO, Servotronix driver

• Imported HEIDENHAIN or RENNISHAW absolute grating (0.1μm) and SHS30 guide rail P class with dust-free drag chain.

• The warranty period is 12 months

• Production capacity 1000 Pieces permonth

Kindly instruct us below parameters, and we would assist you product manual and 3D model and with a competitive price

1. Effective stroke

2. Maximum velocity

3. Maximum acceleration

4. Payload

5. Repeatability accuracy

6. Straightness

8. Stages structure type

Multi-axis double-drive gantry marble motion stages

Industry Applications:  

it is widely apply to six-axis drilling machine, single-axis drilling machine, two-axis drilling machine,  laser direct imaging machine (LDI), automatic optical inspection machine (AOI), reinforcement machine (FPC).

Packaging & Delivery:    

Packaging Details.: plywood packing

Port.: Shenzhen ( BY SEA, AIR,TNT, UPS, FedEx and DHL ect.)

Leading time: According to the order quantity, 10 days for the small order and 20 days for the bulk order  

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