High precision custom multi-axis linear motor stages
High precision custom multi-axis linear motor stages

High precision custom multi-axis linear motor stages for printing and new energy industry

Product features

1. All axes are directly driven by linear motors and torque motors;

2. It is composed of a standard cross-type stageand a DDR with fully protection design;

3. Independent developed HANS series high performance bus direct drive servo driver;

4. It is adapt to absolute circular grating and incremental linear grating;

5. Repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±1um;

6. High speed, high precision and free maintenance.

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Product Detail

Product name:High precision custom multi-axis linear motor stages for printing and new energy industry


• High rigidity and heavy load,aluminum extrusion molding, integrated design

• High positioning accuracy with long service life, repeatability accuracy ±1μm

• High motion speed, lightweight compact design

• Easy to install,debugging and disassemble

• Smooth running, low noise and high speed

Stage Specifications

Stage parameters





Effective stroke(mm)





Max. speed(m/s)





Repeatabiltiy postioning accuracy(mm)











CNC machine tools, precision 3C machining, precision turntables, indexing tables, medical equipment, new energy equipment, printing equipment, etc.

direct drive motor applications

Why choose us?  

Q1: What’s property of your company?

A: We are an integrated company specializing in manufacturing linear motors, DDR torque motors, motor modules, motion stages, AC servo systems, variable frequency drives and so on. Which has specialized in direct drive system application for 16 years.  

Q2: Can I make customized length?

A: We can customize the product you want according to your demand and equipment to make smooth Linear Guide Stage.

Q3: How about your company’s quality control?

A: HAN’S motor has strong design with R&D capabilities, high production capabilities and excellent service team based on Quality Management System Certification.:ISO9001:2000. 

linear positioning stage

Production Center Show

direct drive motor producction center


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Packaging & Delivery 

Packaging Details.: plywood packing 
Port.: Shenzhen ( Sea / Air shipping, TNT, UPS, FedEx and DHL ect.)
Leading time: According to the order quantity, 10 days for the small order and 20 days for the bulk order
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.